Thu, 07 Jul



Chest X-ray Interpretation Workshop

A very practical interactive workshop covering a wide range of diagnostic interpretation skills of the chest radiograph. This course aims to provide theoretical underpinning for a range of commonly encountered radiographs, and to strengthen consultation skills and X-ray interpretation.

Time & Location

07 Jul, 09:00 – 16:00


About the Event


  • Review of respiratory anatomy and physiology
  • Principals of Examination of the Chest X-ray
  • Reasons for radiography
  • Technical Quality: Exposure or penetration, Projection, Orientation, Rotation, Degree of inspiration or respiratory cycle
  • Inspect 'plastic and metal' (where present) and assess whether correctly placed: Endotracheal tube, Nasogastric tube, Vascular catheters i.e. central venous lines, ECMO cannula, filtration cannula, Drains -pleural and pericardia!, Pacemaker leads, External leads i.e. ECG, temperature
  • Inspection of different anatomical parts: Chest wall - soft tissues and thoracic cage, Diaphragm, Mediastinum, Lung fields
  • Appearances in: Heat Failure, COPD, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Embolism, Pneumothorax, Cancer, Clinical case studies workshop.

Electronic handouts will be made available for delegates to download

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