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Supporting Multi-Professional Learning in Primary Care

The future primary care workforce is dependent on trainees of today having high quality, multi-professional training within general practice.

This requires a local reframing of multi-professional placements within a context of the learning environment which includes not only practices, but Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS).  Incorporating Education Supervisors and Assessors, who support a wider, multi-professional trainee workforce.

The SWL placement expansion programme focuses on working at grassroots, with locality practices and Primary Care Networks to identify extra capacity in order to increase the number of multi-professional student placements across the region.  The objective it to create innovative, valuable clinical placements for all learners, in line with the Long Term Plan; maximising the effective use of all available educational resources.

Placements in primary care give students an opportunity to be involved and participate in the fundamentals of patient centered care.  They develop their understanding of the patient journey and wider factors influencing health and well-being.  Placements enable students to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the role of other members of the health and social care team, highlighting the importance of a collaborative care system.  Quality primary care placements are key to engaging new talent and building the multi-professional workforce.

Benefits of Hosting Students:

  • Encouraging best evidence based practice – through questioning, students encourage clinicians to reflect on and improve their practice (bringing two-way learning into practice)

  • Support practices with research and quality improvement work

  • Contributing to the development of your personal clinical education, supervision and leadership skills

  • Contribute to NMC revalidation & HCPC renewal

  • Tariff payment for each placement

  • Attract staff with the right values to aid recruitment

  • Supports career development and retention of existing staff

  • Enhance a culture of learning in practice, impacting on care and clinical effectiveness

Placement Capacity: Service
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